Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Carolina Beach June thru July

Wow, can't believe it's been over a month since we've posted on our blog... Where does time go??? We have been here since June 1st...Carolina Beach is the way beaches should be... You have Freeman park where people can still bring their cars/trucks/pets/tents, etc and have a blast.......... It's the All American Beach!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dwayne and I have been working on SeaVeyor..getting her ready for her next journey! Destination???? Yet to be determined...

For now, we are enjoying the company of the LeRay family.. Our very good friends!! Soula is determined to make me fat with her Feta cheese... Hmm... could be worse right?? We are having fun boating with them... seeing the parts of the islands that most people can't.. by a smaller "cat"... Barry builds these.. They are called Blade Runners.. they are custom boats made from welded plate aluminum with a twin hull (little cat!) and are awesome on the water... Barry has taken us to places that hardly any people can get to due to the shallow water.. Beautiful isolated beaches.. We also got to get very close to "Bird Island"and I was able to get lots of pics of the bird life.. Lots of little chics everywhere...The little pelican chics were so ugly they were cute!!!!!!!!!

We also took the BladeRunner down to the Wilmington waterfront to watch the 4th of July festivities...it had to be the best fireworks display that I had ever seen.. Awesome!!

Dwayne's sis and family spent a week on Bald Head for their vacation.. So, we decided to take the SeaVeyor down to the marina at Bald Head and spend a nite there to see them. Bald Head is about 14 miles down the Cape Fear River from Joyner Marina (where we are) Well, they don't call it the Cape "FEAR" for nothing...Our little trip down river started out OK, a little choppy, but it didn't take long for the current and the wind to produce some 5 foot short chop, with 3 second period. It didn't last too awful long, but was no FUN for a few minutes... Made it into the marina , docked, and the kids picked us up by golf cart..We had dinner and then toured the island by golf cart.. what a beautiful, pristine island..It's around 12,000 acres with only 2,000 that can be developed!! A photograhers dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all have a safe and wonderful summer... Dwayne and Linda, and Monkey Butt!!