Sunday, April 1, 2012

Charleston to Morehead City Yacht Basin... HOME

After leaving our anchorage at Wapoo Creek we crossed the Charleston Harbor.. Not too bad, not too much traffic...Our travel weather was not too bad to start.. Little wind,overcast and some light rain off and on.. Relieved my Captain for an hour or so and took the helm.. Dwayne took over when we were closer to Georgetown.. We had been outrunning storms all day and it looked like one was about to catch up with us while crossing Winyah Bay.. Just before we entered the Georgetown Harbor, I noticed something funny looking in the water..turned out to be a dead alligator floating belly up.. YUCK.... We made our way into the harbor and found our favorite anchorage spot all the way at the end of town... the storm hit just as we dropped anchor, but did not last long.. ( I attached before and after pics) We had a great evening . Next day off to Little River, SC. We have a little anchorage there that is just around the corner from Calabash,NC. We travel the Waccawmaw River (part of the ICW). I call it Osprey Ally. This time ,although, there were more than birds flying around. Horse Flies!!!!!!!! Those pesky critters are no fun! The weather report called for storms in our area.. It seemed to be all around us.. Had a little wind and rain but nothing bad.. Our sunset had beautiful cloud formations...
On to Carolina Beach. Here we spent several days with our dear friends Barry and Soula. But first, the journey to CB was not without incident.. We were just about to cross near the mouth of the Shallote,NC inlet when our port engine alarm went off. We knew we were going to have to switch over to the main fuel tanks at some time that day, but did not expect to have to do this in the mouth of the inlet. With me at the helm, Dwayne in the engine compartments, a nutcase in an express boat decided to pass us at a high rate of speed within two foot of us and two foot of a channel marker.. Needless to say, I have more grey hair.. but all went well. Got the tanks switched on each engine and back to normal..Just before getting to our destination lies the mighty Cape Fear River... my favorite body of water. This time she was good to us and not to bad to cross.. whew.. with Snow's Cut in our sights we were just around the corner from the Carolina Beach Basin. For the next few days we spent time with Barry and Soula catching up on each others lives, etc. We had great times, great food , use of a boat and car.. what more could a cruiser ask for.. uh, one more thing.. PINE NEEDLES... Soula and Barry have a yard full of Carolina Long Leaf needle pine trees.. I was in heaven.. ( you ask why?? I just started learning to make baskets!)
After saying goodbye to Barry and Soula, we made our way without incident to Mile Hammock Bay, our last anchorage for this trip... It is just around the corner from Camp Lejuene.. Most of the time this is a quiet protected anchorage. Sometimes, though, our "boys" are practicing maneuvers with their planes and choppers... It can be noisy. Well, that was the case on Thursday afternoon until about midnite.. But you know, that's OK, that's the sound of our FREEDOM.. and we did not mind!
The next morning we pulled the anchor and headed for home.. Morehead City Yacht Basin.. We made it in by mid afternoon, got the SeaVeyor all settled into her slip, showered and made it over to Floyd's .. our favorite restaurant for much missed flash fried oysters..!!!!
It is very bittersweet to be back.. I'm glad we are and had a great went so quickly.I definitely feel like I learned so much more this time and we worked very well together. That's one thing about cruising.. you NEVER stop learning.We came back with all of our fingers,toes, etc... even Patches is still with us.. She is now 19 and seems to enjoy her boat life.. MonkeyButt is still adjusting, but he'll come around.. So with all that being said... safe travels to you all..cruisers and the ones that travel by land..
More news later..The SeaVeyor Crew.... Dwayne,Linda, Patches and MonkeyButt