Monday, November 30, 2009

Cumberland Island Sunset

We took the dinghy back to the Seaveyor after walking the island and enjoyed the rest of the warm afternoon...and a beautiful sunset....

Cumberland Island (cont)

Hey again, you can only post so many images at a time.. here are a few more!!

Cumberland Island

We arrived and anchored out just off of Cumberland Island on Saturday afternoon, Nov.28..Still a little cool and breezy...Grilled out and enjoyed a movie...

Sunday was glorious and warm!! Not much of a breeze... I got up early and made ham and cheese biscuits for our picnic on the island... Hopped in the dinghy and arrived on the island around 9:30am.... Words just can't describe the beauty of this island....The trees were just awesome, the vegetation, the we walked all the way down to the Dungeness Mansion ruins..what a treat... Gen. Nathaniel Green purchased the Island in the 1700s , his widow built the original Dungeness after his passing... It burned and then the Carnigie family built again in 1884 and it stood until 1959 , when it also burned . There are also feral horses on the island and many were grazing in the yards of the mansion.... I've attached some pics...But none really do it justice..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving at Brunswick

Hello again, we decided to stay in Brunswick for Thanksgiving... The Brunswick Landing Marina has a tradition of grilling turkey, steaks, ham, and the boaters all bring a sidedish.. I made a tomato/avocado salad with red onions.... There were probably 75 people and enough food for more... awesome , diverse, dinner..... it was a beautiful sunny but breezy day.. but beats the heck out of cold,raw and rainy and foggy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll attach a couple of pics of the dinner, the sunset, etc...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Brunswick, Georgia

Hi again to all, left out of Savannah on Sunday ,November 22nd.. raw..rainy... day. Decided to try Susan's recipe for baked eggs... turned out yummy and filling on such a yukky day. Went thru an area called Hell Gate.. might I say it was appropriately named!!!!!!!!!!! during which we had rain,fog, and a following sea........whew..... Made our way to Kilkenny Creek to anchor out... nice , quiet anchorage...heated up some awesome lasagne( provided by Janice and Jon ) and crashed...

Monday.. another raw rainy misty underway about 9am.... passed a small cruise ship... The American Spirt... just blew our minds... it was going North... hope it was not going far... very skinny and narrow water ahead of him????????????? Ended up dropping anchor in a little creek along with 3 other vessels, just north of St. Simon's Island...

Tuesday, Nov. 24th, woke up to another misty,raw day.... WHERE IS THE SUN>???????????

Anyway, noticed we had a possible issue with our battery system, so made way up the river to Brunswick Marina.... Very nice Marina.... caught up on laundry, emails, etc... may stay an extra day here and check out the area... seems very nice.... have not made a lot of pics, due to the "wet" weather..... Meeting very nice people along the way... Everyone very helpful, polite and always giving good tips and fun stories................ Hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving... we do have much to be thankful for.....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Savannah, GA

Good Morning to all!

Made it upriver to Savannah...Docked at the RiverMarket Place Dock...They had wifi, so gives me a chance to catch up.. May rethink this dockage next time,though... TugBoats and Freighters coming and going all nite.... like,uh, right next to us... But still fun and interesting.. We walked the riverfront and ate at an old Tavern called the Boar's Head... Had some awesome Oysters Rockefeller...I believe this will be our last "dockage" for awhile... will anchor out . Still heading south and still want to make Bahamas sometime first of December...

Friday, November 20, 2009

Beaufort, South Carolina

Hello to all, left Charleston on Monday and made it down to Beaufort. Docked along side our friends 38' Erwin sailboat. Had a glorious time with TP and Susan... they are an awesome couple.Left out Wednesday and made a very short jump to Port Royal for fuel, etc.... saw another friend and they talked us into spending one more nite at Port Royal... I'm telling you, if everyone keeps feeding me, I'm going to have to order new jeans!!!!!!!!! I've attached some pics.. Currently , it's very foggy... sitting tight.....Hope all is well with you guys... Miss you...

p.s. cats still with us!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Charleston Nov.15th

Good Morning to all, woke up to a beautiful sunrise in Charleston! Here's a few pics from the trip here and some family fun!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hello to all, finally made Charleston, S.C. this afternoon.... weather broke around noon and has been a beautiful afternoon and evening... the Charleston City MegaDock is just as it says... a Mega Dock! Never seen so many beautiful boats in one place.... awesome... We left Carolina Beach on Thursday , made our way to North Myrtle Beach.. docked at Barefoot Plantation for the nite.. very raw weather.. left out Friday am and made our way to an anchorage called Minim Creek... still raw weather... left out from there this am around 8 and made our way to Charleston... Saw lots of bald eagles along the way and Mr. Porpoise popped his head out of the water on our starboard side and said hello 3 times......he was a big guy..... it made my morning....We will be here for a few days then on to Beaufort, South Carolina............ Care to all....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Carolina Beach, NC

Hello to all, it's Monday Nov. 8th, getting electronics work done ,etc... weather seems to be turning yukky... most likely Ida..... We may or may not shove off in the am... hope we can, have a long way to go to reach Charleston by Thursday... Will need Big Windshield wipers.. Ha!! Just saw a few awesome porpoises off of the port side... they did not wait for me to grab my camera.. bummer...
Have attached a few pics for fun.. Dwayne's flounder, the Seaveyor with the Bladerunner by her side...and Dwayne and Barry pulling a sailboat out of the mud..they were paid handsomely with two beers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take call all till next time

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello to all again! Made it in to Carolina Beach on Wednesday without any issues..We will be here thru Monday getting some things done to Seaveyor... It's been awesome weather, except for one fairly "chilly" nite..... Our friends here loaned us their flats boat to use as our tender and also one of their cars.....fed us dinner each nite.....CAN YOU SAY SPOILED???????????
We went flounder gigging last nite out on the point.. It was awesome with the moon being out.. Dwayne got a 6 lb one!!!!!!!!!
I will add some pics later!!!!!!!!!!!
The cats have not been made to walk the plank.......yet

Friday, November 6, 2009

Hello to all, we shoved off Tuesday am and made it 40 plus miles down to Mile Hammock bay and anchored there around 2pm.... Caught a beautiful sunset

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day one cont...

Couple of more pics of Monkey Butt and Black Cat hiding behind the water maker...

Day One

Good Morning to All!
After a day of frustration yesterday..all was repaired and we are about to get under way..Morehead City Yacht Basin has been a wonderful "temporary" home, but time to go to warmer weather and calmer seas... The cats are even ready to shove off!! These are a few pics from this am!!!!!!