Thursday, July 5, 2012

June/July Update :Big Rock,Wind Horse, and Anastasia

Wow.. it's mid summer already!! Big Rock has come and gone. This year's tournament only had a couple days of good fishing weather.. The high winds made for some interesting trips for the Sportfish boats...On the first day Flybuoy landed a 499.3 lb Blue Marlin. If it hd been 500lbs, they would have won $225,000 for the first 500lb blue marlin caught in the tournament. Bummer for them. However, their fish proved by the end of the tournament to be the largest and the winning fish of the tournament. The boat and crew were from Charleston, S.C. A local boat , Inspiration, owned by Casey Wagner, placed second. Everyone was happy that Casey caught a winning fish also. The Lady's Day part of the tournament is in honor of his late wife Kelly. That made it special for them!! Two other marlins were caught and brought in, but none made the official weight limit and were disqualified. So, here's to next year. Last week we had a visit from a very well known cruising vessel that has circumnavigated the globe on several occasions. Her name is Wind Horse. She is an 83foot solid aluminum vessel, owned, designed, and Captained by Steve and Linda Dashew. They were both very gracious and gave me a tour of the vessel. Wow.. what an honor.. Dwayne also was given a tour after pumping them 3,250 gallons of fuel for their next adventure. I believe it will be the higher latitudes of Nova Scotia. Mr. Dashew is also a very wonderful and accomplished photographer. I was able to view lots of his beautiful images..Linda and I were able to talk about lots of topics for an hour or so. I gave her a lift to the local grocery store to provision, etc. What a delightful time I had. Dwayne got a chance to talk with Steve during the fueling of Wind Horse. It would well worth your time to visit their website... and read of their many accompishments and watch their awesome videos! And thanks to Corey at Triton Marine for referring the Dashews to the Yacht Basin.... OK now it's the 4th of July Week....We had a wonderful visit from our good friends on the S/V Anastasia. They were anchored in Taylor' Creek for a few days and then came over to the Yacht Basin . Dwayne had to work on the 4th all day, so we decided to all meet at our other good friends, Robin and Debbie's and just grill out. After a scrumptious meal of steaks and all sorts of fresh summer veggies, we came back to the SeaVeyor and sat up on her bow and watched Morehead City's fireworks..... A great time was had by all!! Max and Jenn left out this morning for Oriental, N.C. She "HAS" to make the fresh market there on Saturday! Oriental is a favorite of their's.. and then on to Ocracoke and then on to the Chesapeake in Virginia. They have decided to put Anastasia up for sale and spend a few years as CLODS ( for you land lubbers, that stands for Cruisers Living on Dirt!!) On another note, thanks to Libby on S/V Tarawaithe, I am getting better and better with my basket making.. I think I have made about 18 in total and just "SOLD" my first ones today!! Thanks to Libby!! Also, of note, Jenn and I traded baskets while they were here. Jenn makes gorgeous baskets out of palm frawns.... Both the pineneedles and the frawns make really good and functional baskets!!! I included a pic of Patches, lying in my needle basket.. She loves my pine needles! I also included a pic of a puffer fish that was hanging out in the reeds that had washed up due to the wind, at the bow of SeaVeyor. That's all for now, hope everyone is surviving the heat wave that is affecting us all. More news at 11 ..Dwayne, Linda, Patches and MonkeyButt